Analyzing Campaign 

What metrics are important to me when analyzing the campaign?  Here is a few examples:  Conversion rates per program. Conversion rates per funnel stage. This is out of every new visitor that's being sent, how many are converting to new users? How many converting to sales so on. this will give me an idea of how things are converting through the funnel, help me identify areas that might need to spend time to optimize. Cost metrics also important. Cost per click, cost per new user, cost per paid customer. comparing with the outcome the channel produces, helps me determine if this is actually the right course of spending. 

Connect Data Across DSPs & Insights

Import monthly demand gen campaign data from FB and other native DSPS, unqualified leads data, as well as revenue report to various reports, such as the monthly report on the average lead price by state. The report will assist me to determine the pricing strategy and budget strategy. For example, the sample chart shows New Jersey has the highest price on average. I may consider allocating some of Texas’s budget to New Jersey while looking closely in Florida and New York that such a big jump on price is not normal. It may indicate that one or few buyers decide to take an aggressive approach to complete with others which will let the account manager further investigate. 

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