Landing Page A/B testing & Optimaztion 

My Landing Page Creation/Testing Guidelines


Make the landing page short and lean. Limit to 1st page if possible. try to use simple and clear pictures, (Use best performing ad image also a proven practice) and deliver the most important information to users on the top of the page. Don't use complicate page design,


Understand the needs of your visitors. The landing page copy should provide users with the best solution. 


The landing page should look like a communication page that delivers specific solutions, not an advertising page.


Use a clear and eye-catching call to action to make it easier for your readers to respond. The CTA should place on the 1st page.


Put important content on the first screen. Assume viewers are lazy to scroll down. In all landing pages, I tested the first screen must contain the most convincing content.


The loading speed of the landing page has a great influence on the conversion.  (or click lost) The landing page is the key conversion page of the website, so the speed optimization of the entire page is even more important. (


Simplify the form as much as possible. Populate the form for viewer if possible. 


Divide a large paragraph into several smaller paragraphs, each paragraph should not exceed 5 lines. The landing page needs to focus on the key points to present information to users as quickly as possible. 


When writing copywriting or landing page slogans, use the second person to write, so that the user feels that he is not facing a website page, but a person who is talking to himself and giving himself advice. Don’t forget that your purpose is to close a deal, not to show people your literary talent, so you need to use a flat and clear narrative as much as possible.

Landing Page A/B Testing Rotaion


I often like to use a 3rd party campaign redirection software to assist me in the testing process. I set up rotation rules and manipulate real-time traffic flow to increase testing efficiency. Similar to test ad creatives, the lander test should also be a routine work that carries out throughout the campaign duration. Normally I allocate about 10% on testing new landing pages, which will have little to no impact on existing campaigns. On each campaign, I put 2-5 landers into tests depending on how early I am in the testing process.

Landing page analysis on State LeveL

Analyzing & Optimization

The key to having a killer lander is to have highly relevant content. There are many successful examples of designing a highly relevant landing page that smash its competitors. Wikibuy is one of my favorites. They designed many landing pages based on audience interests, popular shops, or trending merchandise. (They still run on Facebook, check them out! ) My strategy is often similar to it.

I run campaign for national home improvement product. At the early stage, I create & test landing pages on national level. Rotating and adding new lander into existing campaign. At this specific campaign, I was able to customize lander even further. Because each state has its own incentives and policy,  we design lander based on state incentives, and for each target states, we creative several versions to test. The screenshot above is the Tableau report illustrating average conversion value from each lander as well as the final revenue from that specific landing page.

Real-time Lead Distribution Project

Responsible for Integrating essential elements and help to build real-time lead distribution solutions that allow clients to filter, set real-time bidding strategy, and deliver MQL in a matter of a few seconds after customers submit.

Campaign Tracking & Automation Project

I am lucky enough to be part of developing the software that able to track campaign performance from TOF to BOF with extreme accuracy & industry-specific campaign automation functions.

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