The Marketer’s Conversion Analysis For FIXD


FIXD is an amazing little device that can end up saving you $1000s from costly, unnecessary car repairs (never get ripped off by shady mechanics again). You simply plug FIXD into your car’s OBD port (on-boarding diagnostics port) - fast and easy. Once paired with their free app on your phone, FIXD automatically starts telling you things like: why your ‘Check Engine Light’ is on, how severe a problem is and consequences of continued driving, and it even sends oil change and maintenance reminders to your phone. The auto repair & maintenance services industry is a $105 BILLION annual revenue industry. Clearly, people spend big money to keep their cars running. But no doubt they’d like to spend a lot less - and FIXD will help them do exactly that! Don’t miss out on this amazing offer with HUGE potential!

Value Prop (USP)

FIXD translates your car’s problems into simple, easy-to-understand terms so that you can easily understand exactly what’s wrong. And with maintenance reminders, you can prevent car troubles from sneaking up on you in the first place! 

Key Selling Points

● Everything is translated into easy-to-understand, non-technical layman’s terms
● Real-time updates when car problems arise
● See how sever car problem is and whether you should pull over right away or are ok to make it home
● Get oil change and maintenance reminders sent to your phone through push-notifications.
● See exactly why ‘Check Engine Light’ is on.
● FREE app works for iOS & Android
● Monitor multiple cars through the app - great for keeping an eye on kid’s cars.
● Easily clear ‘Check Engine Light’ for minor issues.
● Maintenance Timeline lets you quickly see how close you are to next Recommended Service reminder.
● Cost estimates of parts & labor (local prices vary) - so you know about how much something should cost and you don’t get fleeced by some crooked mechanic.
● One-time payment with NO ongoing monthly fees.

Major Objections

● Objection: Will it work with my car or truck?
○ Answer: FIXD does not work with diesel or electric cars. It does work with any car built in the USA after 1996. All cars are required to have an OBD port (onboard diagnostics port) - the very same port mechanics use to check the health status of your car.

Target Markets - Demographics and Psychographics

● Primarily Men over the age of 45.
● Could be strong play for women who feel intimidated taking car to mechanic.
● Family - parents who want to keep track of kid’s car’s health.
● People who have been ripped off in the past by shady mechanics.
● People who can’t remember to stay on top of car maintenance.
● People who hate not knowing (control freaks) - this lets them know exactly what’s wrong with their car and gives them total control of their car’s needs.

Appeals & Desires 

Save Money
1) Taking care of your car with regular service visits helps ensure you don’t get surprised with unexpected costly car problems.
2) You’ll never get ripped off by a shady mechanic now that you know exactly what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed with your car.

Freedom From Worry
Since your car’s problems are translated in simple, easy to understand terms, you don’t have to worry about whether a mechanic is gonna screw you and rip you off.
You and your loved ones don’t have to worry about whether you can (or should) keep driving when ‘Check Engine Light’ comes on and risk further damaging your car or worse, causing an accident.
Being reminded right on your phone of car maintenance needs or notified right on your phone when your car is experiencing issues without having to go to the auto shop - that’s ultra convenient!   

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