Campaign Tracking & Automation

Campaign tracking

When I started to run the lead-gen campaign on Facebook, tracking is simple with Facebook pixel.

When I build the funnel further down, tracking gets a little more technical. By adopting this FB + Cookie-based 3rd party tracking combination, I can track all the interactions after the click leaves the platform. This is not new in the performance marketing world.

It gets much more complicated when we integrate Trust form, jornaya leadid, campaign automation, lead distribution, etc. We want something that can bring all the campaign 

The company CEO brought me on the team to started this project together.

I am responsible for designing the logic of some of the most important functions such as A/B testing rules, budget adjustment rules, scaling rules, customize reports, performance tag, campaign key notifications, etc.

Here are some of the essential functions:
- Real-time campaign performance data.
- Customize campaign reporting
- All-in-one dashboard
- Allow to upload, a/b testing, optimize and scale campaign within the app
- Set campaign modification and scale rules on the campaign, ad set, and ad level. 
- More...

Now I have all the campaign data and automation in one place. Managing a large number of campaigns and ad set become less time-consuming. Let me illustrate my work by giving a simple version of the example.

The screenshot above showcases the A/B testing result. The winning ads will be marked with the performance tag STAR, the loser ads will be marked as DOG and shut off. Those in the middle will be marked as QUESTION.

The Aitracker takes over STAR ads and starts to perform more preset actions. In this scenario, duplicates the Winning ad with an adjusted daily budget. The budget is big enough to produce a good number of conversion that allows FB optimization to perform. 

If the second phase of the test turns out to be profitable and if it hit the trigger threshold. Aitracker can mark the campaign as CASH COW. With this tag, Aitracker will perform the scaling process. It can be adjusting the budget, duplicating, or even change ad geo-targeting depending on ad performance. 

Aitracker also sends me a daily report and performance summary on its automatic campaign operation. 

However, the Aitracker is not able to operate without integrating real-time lead prices. I will talk about how can we solve this problem in Real-time Lead Distribution Project.

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